Rob Randolph Band would like to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  We hope that 2014 brings you one year closer to your dreams. We are REALLY excited about our new album and are working on some REALLY kick a$$ … Continue reading

New album work


So this is what I have spent the year building. Finally have a decent mini pro studio. Running Pro Tools, have some decent monitors, Midi keys and the NI Mikro Maschine.

So for the new fans,  the last year has been turbulent for my music.  But needless to say, I have recovered and am in full gear.  I have been writing lots of new material and working hard on laying the new tracks down.

I am working with a great musician right now named Neil Staub (Staub Music). He just moved back to Phoenix from Hawaii and is still settling in.

Stay tuned for new songs from RRB!